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Indigenous Christian

Indigenous Awareness [contextualized]

Indigenous Christian intends to address Indigenous Issues and teachings within the context of decolonized Christianity.

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Does Jesus Know You?

This week my heart has been wounded as I surveyed social media sites that are spewing anger towards Christians and churches as the graves...

Conversion to Christianity

Born into the Tse'khene Nation of McLeod Lake in the late sixties, my mother went to be with Creator when I was just four years old. My...

A Stress Free Christmas

By Agnes Mastin It's Christmas time and everywhere I look there are reminders, that for many, the celebration of the birth of our Lord...

Jesus Saves

A quick survey of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people brings about the realization of the truth of the situation. The Indigenous...

A Day of Wonder

(A version of this article is posted at In the days leading up to September 30, 2021,...

Thanksgiving With Wolves

Jeremiah Damir Bašurić Preaching Pastor mosaicHouse Church image: Who had the first Thanksgiving? Canada or America? Neither....

Colonized Spaces

In recent weeks I have resisted going into colonized spaces that are places dominated by colonized ideas, ways of thinking, being, and...

Tripping Over My Moccasins

A few years back, as a part of a Pastoral Care course I took at Taylor Seminary, I was required to take a self-test to determine my...

Wounded Land, Wounded Hearts

Last night I took an evening walk through what is now West River’s Edge Park in Fort Saskatchewan, I marveled at the beauty of what had...

Burning Churches

In response to 1505 (and counting), unmarked graves of what is believed to be Indigenous children found on the grounds of Indian...

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